Monday, August 31, 2015

Lakeside Adventures

We just got back from a wonderful two weeks on Lake of the Woods, and I have to share that I finally had time to wrap up my 30 paintings. It took longer than 30 days, but it was a good, lesson-filled exercise just the same. Challenges are meant to be challenging, if nothing else, right? The end result was a lot of painting, so win for me! I will share updates throughout the week as I get some photos taken of the work I finished, but here are a few pics in the meantime to show you what it was like (or perhaps make you wistful for your own getaway). I'll throw in a few of my wee man as well, since most of the pics we took were of him in the first place. I have to say, he loved EVERY MINUTE of the trip, from the constant attention of grandparents and others, to playing in the water and pushing every button available on the boat. We have a water fiend. :-)

Hope you're all enjoying summer, making art, and having R&R just for you.

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