Saturday, July 25, 2015

Half-way to Thirty!

I'm currently taking a break from working on my painting for Day 15 of my 30 Paintings in 30 Days, so I thought it would be a good time for a recap. If you've been following on Facebook or Instagram, thanks for the encouragement! This has been really fun so far and I'm excited to keep rolling. It hasn't been without setbacks - the reality of life is that it is HARD to set aside focused time each day, but I'm doing my darnedest, and I've only blundered a few times. Mostly I'm just pumped that this has helped me stay entwined with my creativity! I've found myself sketching again at night before bed, both plotting the paintings for upcoming days and designing ahead for things outside of the scope of my project. I feel really in the zone... and you know what Jay-Z says about that... :-)

A few people have asked what I plan to do with my results. I'm very happy with several of these things, so the ones that I deem worthy I'm going to ultimately put for sale in my shop. Many of them are going to become prints and card sets. A few of the larger items will be taken to Smiling Turtle in Omaha for sale there. Some of the "meh" ones will hopefully get re-envisioned in the future and be spectacular then. I'm planning to run a print sale in my shop in August, so I'll make sure to get these in there for that and post the coupon code on social media.

So - that being said... back to work for me! Stay tuned! Pics of the first 14 Days below. 

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