Monday, May 12, 2014

Ready and Waiting

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. If you've been over there, you may have noticed that I put my Etsy shop in Vacation Mode, in preparation for the arrival of Baby D. We're playing the waiting game now, so I don't plan to be back here for a little while. When I do, hopefully I'll be introducing you to our little peep. We are done for now with the nursery too, but my parents are bringing some furniture out with them when they arrive, so I'll do pics after it's all in place and share them with you then.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Spring!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Update

Good morning! Hope you've all been having a lovely start to Spring. This weekend has been very busy around here as we try to wrap up painting and finishing in the nursery. Today it's raining outside, but here is the view from my studio window! I know the screen is in the way, but isn't that tree beautiful?? I'm so happy we have some flowering trees in our new yard. I didn't know what all of the trees and shrubs were, so it has been a wonderful surprise to see what blooms.

Lately we have been trying to hit up a few estate sales on Friday mornings when I'm off, mostly looking for furniture (unsuccessfully), but finding other cool things on occasion. This week we found this textile art, which I'm going to re-tack and clean up. I love the colors and shapes, and I think with the frame fixed and painted white, it'll look fresh and new. I also picked up this tape dispenser, which is SUPER heavy, and for anyone who wraps things, you know this is a fine quality for a dispenser. I'm thinking about whether or not I want to paint something on the side... we'll see!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram ---> links to the right, you know that I posted my very first brooches in my etsy shop. I am SO very happy and excited about these, and I made several to keep for myself.

One of my little bits of crazy, well known to family and friends, is that I'm extremely weird about wearing jewelry and have some unexplainable psychological aversions to certain things. I never wear necklaces and I only occassionally wear bracelets, but they can't involve chain or other things that aren't sort of solid in nature. For whatever reason, these types of materials freak me out when they touch my skin, and I feel sort of itchy and hivey. This makes me a watch/brooch person.

I am keenly aware that this makes no sense, and it's sort of bothersome because I know several wonderfully talented jewelers that do beautiful work, and they probably wonder why I'm so thrilled if they have pins or solid bracelets! Regardless, I decided to make some little wooden brooches and couldn't be more happy with how they've turned out. As a painter, it's fun to have something wearable that I've made.

Each one is unique and I've painted in acrylic and ink, and then sealed them with a varnish to protect and give them a finished shine. They'll make wonderful gifts or personal pieces. Here's the link to see the new ones in my shop. I plan to make them more often, so you'll see different ones down the road. 

For the next week or so, I'm going to be focused on finishing up some art and craft pieces for the nursery. One of my plans is to make some black and white paintings for the wall, since this is supposed to be the most mentally stimulating for babies. Whether that works or not, I love the clean colors and geometric shapes, so it should be fun to work on.  I'll let you see more when I'm all done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shop Update!

I just finished a shop update! Lots of new little goodies in there - notebooks, eggs, and a few original paintings. More soon. I'm working on some brooches right now, and as an avid pin wearer, I LOVE THEM. :-) In the meantime, don't forget about my BOGO print sale! Happy Springtime to you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Sale and Shop Update Info!

Hello! I know I said this would happen last week, but things got a little away from me. Regardless, it's officially SPRING in Omaha and it's time for a SALE! I'm going to be offering Buy-One-Get-One Prints from now until the end of April, if you use the code: SPRINGSALE14 in my Etsy shop. To use the coupon, just enter the code at checkout and leave me a note as to which second print you'd like as your free one! I have lots of cheerful designs that are perfect for this time of year, as a gift for you or your loved ones. :-)

Later this week I'll also be adding a few new eggs, notebooks, and some other goodies, just as soon as I can get them all photographed, so watch for my posts on Facebook and Instagram to know right away as they are added.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Typewriters and Nurseries and Things.

This was a busy weekend! Friday we went to some estate sales in the morning and this happened:

 I can't tell you how excited I was to find it... in this condition and in this color. My heart stopped for just a little bit when I realized it wasn't sold already.  And in between other things, I've been doing some more spring painting. I'm planning a shop update later this week.

I also haven't updated you on a few key things in a while, so here goes. First off, we're getting closer and closer to baby time at the DeVrieze household. I'm officially 32 weeks along, and it's feeling VERY real at this point. All of my friends and family know that we're working on our house (and by we're I mostly mean Brad). The top question lately has been "is your nursery all ready?," and everyone seems very shocked when I admit that we haven't really started on it... you know, unless Pinterest counts.

Most of the home improvement we've been doing has been focused downstairs on the main living area, and honestly the idea of having an incomplete nursery hasn't put me in a panic because he/she won't be staying there for a little while anyway, since our bedroom is on the main floor and everything else is upstairs. After this weekend though, I feel like we're finally getting there! We officially ordered new flooring, chose our paint color, bought a new ceiling light, and I started in on some artwork just for the space. Progress!

I'm not going too specific with a theme, but I can say that it's loosely woodland based, mostly because I can't resist animals and trees. Also, we're trying to stay gender neutral, and who doesn't like adventuring in the forest? I'm not quite ready to share where we're at yet, but I can share some of my inspiration board for you.
paint color - ours is very similar to this, which is behr river rock
brass fixtures - anthropologie
plush fox - anthropologie
crib - oeuf sparrow
curtains - ikea- we're repurposing these
rugs - ikea - I feel like rug browsing is a part time job lately. :-) I'll find the perfect one eventually.
adventures await - my print - this is one I think I'm going to put in there

The other thing that seems to surprise people is that I'm not going to do a mural or anything for the walls. This isn't because I don't want to do some personalized artwork - I definitely do - but I want it to be things that I can rotate in and out with the seasons and over time, so I'm focusing on some different paintings and other homemade touches. I'm plotting some DIY projects, like a bunting. I love this one from Little House Blog. And yes, there will be peeps in this nursery!

I promise to show you some good pics when we're all done. For now, have a great week, and I'll let you know when I do my shop update in a few days. There may happen to be a little sale that goes along with it... stay tuned! :-)