Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somewhere in middle America

The word: We're moving to Omaha!

My husband received a great internship placement at Creighton University Medical School, so we're headed that way in June. It's a bittersweet move for me because I love my job and have made some tremendously close friends here in Wisconsin, but on the bright side, it will be a really good opportunity for Brad to experience a new hospital and make a real transition from school to working. We've already been checking out the weekend camping trips and local dog parks, which seem quite promising!

Our adventure starts now, as we try to sell our place and find a rental out there that's down with a big ol' dog. :-) I'd never been to Nebraska before this news, so we headed out during spring break to check things out. Encouragingly, they have a really great downtown area and a fun art district to explore. The Old Market area seems particularly neat. If you're from there or have some experience, I'm very open to tips!

Obviously the craziness that comes with the move and finding a new day job has left me with a shortage of time for painting. The acrylics have been put on hold so that I can pack up my canvases, but the sketching is very much still in action. I'll give you a few hints about my next round of creations: a merry old soul, peep pyramids, and elephants.
I'll post pics as soon.

Here's wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend,

Springtime in Wisconsin :-)

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Tamala said...

I was wondering when the news would hit your blog. *sigh*

I'm excited about the new sketches and elephants! I think the girls will have their own DeVrieze collection. Largest private collectors? Probably not.