Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A little inspiration.

Brr!! It has been a little cold here in the Midwest (and a lot of places). This is our window from Monday. Today we're going to be back at school, so I'm getting ready to head out, but I wanted to share a little post beforehand. 

Since I'm packing up most of my supplies, I won't have much new art on my personal front to share for a bit, but that doesn't mean I can't share some art, right?

Here are a few things that are inspiring me lately from the web/blogosphere:

1.) One of my favorite, favorite blogs to follow is Beautiful Hello by Emily Jeffords. She's an oil painter, and I just always feel really motivated and encouraged by her posts. Right now she's doing one of her painting-a-day series, which is just really fun to watch. She also has a fun Instagram feed, if you like it!


2.) Mister Finch is a textile designer who makes some of the most interesting and magical designs possible. He's most active on Facebook, where you can see his creatures, winged and furred, and lately some really beautiful mushrooms.


3.) Since we're in new house mode over here, I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest and the web scouring for inspirational ideas. The papers on Walnut are expensive, but really beautiful, and appeal to my illustrator-self too. Maybe someday I'll work on some wallpaper designs. ;-)


Hope that gives you some things to look at over your coffee this morning! :-)

1 comment:

Angela said...

Wonderful inspiration.

Just wanted to stop by to tell you that the "be bold" print I purchased from your Etsy shop months ago is featured in a blog post today! :)