Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Wandering


About a week ago I had the chance to join Brad in Wisconsin for a work trip. It was nice to be back near where we used to live, and to see some friends. While he went to meetings on Friday I was off on my own and the majority of the world was working, so I took the chance to drive around and explore with my camera. It doesn't matter what season it is - the lake is beautiful.

Most of these photos are from the harbor and beach near Port Washington, but I took a drive along the roads heading up toward Sheboygan too, which is where I saw this rafter of turkeys (I just looked that up - rafter is the technical name for a group of this size - yay, words!), and where these pretty deer crossed my path. I was driving so slowly that two were brave enough to walk in front of my car, but their friends weren't quite so sure. Lucky for me I had my camera in the passenger seat. I don't know about you, but I think those turkeys have a pretty nice view.


aimymichelle said...

beautiful pictures.

Epic Thread said...

Beautiful photos! I love the ones of the deer.
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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Great photos. That's a pretty area. We like to drive along the shore up to Sheboygan, then grab a brat at the Charcoal Inn. And I always love a deserted beach.

holly via said...

Look how close you are to those dear! Love the close ups of them.

And agree, even in winter lakes are beautiful. They are so empty and peaceful. I like visiting them too!