Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hello! Working on getting some new things in the shop this weekend - and hopefully painting the Thanksgiving Peeps I drew! The pink dogwoods above are listed today here, and the pastoral will go up tomorrow after I get a little brighter collection of photos in the morning. Happy Saturday!

P.S. Thanks to all of you who are voting for Scout! The contest ends tomorrow, and I know we won't win, but it's nice to see that she has some fans out there! :-) 

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Isobel Morrell said...

Good luck - love the look of Scout! Will have to follow you to see if you do win! Hope you will return the favour: I'm at and its where I post about the toys I make, mend and otherwise create (some folks might say "play with"!) Do hope you can spare the time in between painting your lovely things!