Saturday, September 1, 2012

Show Prep Underway!

This long, Labor Day weekend is mostly going to be filled with prepwork for Artsarben, which is coming up so quickly! I'm very excited, and the usual sort of nervous that comes with things like this. This fest is a little different for me because I won't be bringing Scouts or Peeps, but focusing on lots and lots of canvases, and some more detailed watercolors.

I've been working up a storm so that I have some brand new things for this show, like the pink dogwoods above. It'll also be nice to gauge the response to my newer abstract stuff, which I love, but haven't really shown too many people yet. :-) Right now I have a lot of sorting and wiring and tag-making to do, so I'm out for the day!

Lining things up for the count. 

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Lovely. The dogwood and the blue butterfly are especially nice!