Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday BOGO Sale!

So. I'm turning 30 this week. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that yet, but so far I'm not particularly thrilled with the idea. I mean, I'm not the sort of person to cry about it or deny it (maybe later), but I think that I've finally reached the point where the whole number part of birthdays isn't that exciting. Good thing there are still other things about birthdays - ahem, caramel brownies and free Starbucks - to get excited about. And all joking aside, I'm very thankful. I've had a pretty wonderful 30 years so far, and I'm so lucky to have people I love and a the type of life that makes me constantly grateful.

So - let's celebrate:

I'm currently running a buy-one-get-one on all prints in my shop! This does not apply to original paintings, and will expire on August 31st. To participate, just make a purchase and leave the phrase"THIRTY PARTY" and your desired second print in the message to seller. It won't let me do a normal coupon code for this, so we'll go manual with this one. :-)

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful week!


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Happy birthday! I'm a bit older than you, okay, quite a bit, so take it from me -- the 30s are the best! Old enough to have some sense and young enough to enjoy it all. Enjoy your 30s!

Heather said...

Wow, happy birthday! I turned 30 this year also. I think it is a good opportunity to reflect on the first 30 years of your life, and think about how you want to spend the next 30 years! Have fun!!