Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello, nemesis.


For the last few weeks, Scout has started each morning by tearing out of the back door to engage in a face off. Her nemesis, the above squirrel, is wily and cunning, but she does believe in her heart of hearts that she'll catch him. I highly doubt it.

I've made some good progress on one of the blue paintings from the other day. I have a long ways to go, but you can sort of see where I'm heading. After a weekend of feeling exasperated at myself for not accomplishing all of the things I'd have liked last week, I started a new, self-imposed schedule today. I'll share the specifics after I've had a few more days to test it, but I can honestly say that I feel really good today after implementing some structure to my summer. I will hint that it not only involves set painting hours, but a set housecleaning and chore list. Total bummer, I know, but necessary. I'm 1 for 1 now and feeling optimistic. Ha!

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