Sunday, October 16, 2011


So, I've been holding out on you a little bit... We have some news at our house! About a week and a half ago we adopted a cat, Miss Lucy Westenra, named for the character in Dracula (she is an October cat).

I waited a little while to share the news so we could see how she would fit in, but so far things have been really good! She and Scout are taking some time to figure each other out, which results in an occasional chase and hiss, but neither one seems all that intimidated by the other, and multiple times now I've woken up to find them both in our bed (yeah... things get a little tight).

She's a really friendly and vocal cat. She also likes to head-butt us, which is sort of funny (well, unless it's 3am, which has happened twice). We're all adjusting and I think she's a good fit! You can see her colors in the pictures - I think she's really pretty and petite.

We had tossed around the idea of getting a cat for a while, especially since we've moved into such a bigger place, but we were moved into motion because the NE Humane Society had a cat crisis and sent out a call for adoptions. It was actually really crazy. They had 300+ cats and ended up adopting out all but 17 that week, only to get 220 more in the following weekend. We need some Bob Barker billboards or something to remind people to spay and neuter. It's so unfair to these guys...
Anyway, we're happy to have Lucy in our home and I look forward to sharing more about her in the future!

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