Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kitchen Love

After we really settled in and painted this summer, the kitchen has easily become my favorite place in our house. One of our biggest struggles was to add some counter space while remembering that we're renters, so we really can't be taking on major projects. We added a few little tabletops that instantly made a world of difference. About a week ago we put up some new shelves that we ordered from a restaurant supply store and I am SO in love with them, so I have to share a photo.  They made a huge change in the whole feel of the room and I like that they make the modern appliances blend in with the old, old kitchen.

I also really love some of the old features that were already in there. This is the light above our sink, which was actually covered in a layer of paint when we moved in and I scrubbed clean. I can't get over it now. 

 Clearly Scout is equally inspired... 

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AsteropeBC said...

A little bit of counter space can make so much difference!