Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Things

One of the reasons that I love crafts and art is because of my mom. My entire life she has been busy making things, from holiday decorations to really cute collage cards. Last year I asked her if she'd make me a wreath for our door, and she made me two! One is a springtime green and blue - and the other is this wonderful rustic one for fall. I couldn't wait to put it on the old wooden door of this house - and it looks so perfect!

I have a few pics to share today of thrifting finds too. This summer I picked up this little pheasant dish at a church rummage sale. I find it sort of odd that I was drawn to a picture of pheasants, but I just really like the way they chose to detail the feathers with color. Who doesn't like a good bird, right? Ha. I've also been collecting these printer's letters for the last year to use in my designs. This summer my mom ran across some at an antique shop and picked up ten or so different ones, and I recently found a few more. Once I collect some key vowels, I'll be all set! 

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