Saturday, October 1, 2011

And the winner is...

Hello, hello! I'm sorry to be a bit delayed today, but I'm checking in to announce a winner for my giveaway:

drum roll, please... 

and the winner is... ERIN M.!  Congratulations! 

I'll be contacting you shortly by email to find out which print you'd like. Thanks to all who entered and to all of my new followers on here and facebook. I hope to keep things interesting for you! 

While I'm checking in, I want to take a minute to recommend the musical "Jersey Boys" for any of you who haven't seen it already. If it comes to a theatre near you, it's a must see! We went a week ago while they were heading through Omaha - and I'm telling you, it's just terrific. I grew up listening to oldies with my parents, so every Four Seasons lyric was etched in my mind long ago, which made the musical even more fun. For the last week I haven't been able to get their songs out of my head, so I thought I'd share an original Four Seasons video I found on Youtube. This one is particularly awesome because of the purely fabulous dancing going on in the crowd. Definitely worth a watch. Who knows... maybe you'll learn some killer new moves for an upcoming Halloween Party? Ha!

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