Monday, January 10, 2011

Benson Grind Show

Well, it's snowing buckets this morning, so the schools are closed I'm working from home today. As I settle in with some tea, I thought I'd get in a short blog post before I get rolling. First off - the Friday show at Benson Grind went well! Thanks to everyone who stopped by. The temps were really chilly, so I was nervous that people would stay tucked under their blankets, but there was a nice turnout and I really appreciate everyone's support. Most of all, my family made the trek - my parents from Illinois and my brother from Kansas City - which was unbelievably nice. Allen, the owner, was so gracious and helpful - and made some really delicious snacks for everyone. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity.

I'll add some more pics of the work later, but here are a few peeks of the setup that  my brother took with his fancy phone.You'll notice how cute and colorful the Grind is! You can also see some pics of the paintings on the Benson Grind website here. It'll stay on display throughout the month, so if you happen to stop in please let me know what you think!

Hope you all stay warm and safe. We're gearing up for around 8 inches here, and the news keeps referring to this "Arctic Blast" temperature drop that's headed our way this week... I think that pretty much just means a solid rotation of tea and hot chocolate. No complaint!

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