Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Art Download at Indie Fixx!

Happy Monday-after-the-Fourth-of-July (or July 5th...whichever). I came on to announce something exciting!

This month I'm a contributor for Indie Fixx's Feed Your Soul Project. If you're not familiar with Indie Fixx, it's a great site that offers blog articles and resources about art, craft, and lots of other things (for instance, today there is a really delicious looking potato salad).

The purpose of the Feed Your Soul project is to offer free, download-able art prints to help you keep your place looking cool even when your pockets are empty. My watercolor and ink print is pictured below and is currently available for download. You won't find it anywhere else - it's exclusive to the project - so I hope you'll go check it out! There are some amazing artists on there - including a few of my favorite etsians. Once I found out about the project, I must have printed 10 new things for our walls.

So - happy decorating and lots of thanks to Jen and her team at Indie Fixx for including my work! :-) Oh yeah - and Carpe Diem!

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christie said...

I love Carpe Diem! Will this be available as a print? or for sale by itself?