Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back in Action!

Hello and Happy Fourth of July Weekend, all! I've been a terrible blogger for the last two months, so thanks for your patience. I'm very excited to have recently begun what I'm deeming "The Month of Stubborn Dog," which is pretty thrilling. After wrapping up the school year in early June and commencing a trip to Spain, followed up by my cousin's lovely wedding, I'm ready for some down time - and by down time I mean working like crazy on ART. Yeeesss!

My first official week at home for the summer started off with some cleaning and laundry, but by Wednesday I was ready to focus on my projects.

And then the scanner stopped working.

Of course, right? It has been temperamental for quite some time, picking and choosing when and what it would scan, but this week it officially boycotted everything. After much online research, Brad and I have decided that it's actually our computer! Well, we clearly can't replace that, but I am able to run the scanner off of our laptop and then bring the files over to the desktop for Photoshop. FINALLY. PROGRESS:

- I've been able to finally focus on some commissions from some patient folks - a kitty and a lovely lake scene - two very different things.

- I was able to scan some mini tackle paintings that have been waiting since last summer for my attention.

- I also was able to work on a few online projects that have been in the wings since April... TBA soon! I'm very excited!

- Coming soon: kitchen treats, little houses, and pigs. yep. pigs.

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