Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Tales

Well, I have officially been snowed in for 2 days, and we're going on Day 3. My school has been closed for what the local news is calling "The Blizzard of 2009." Mostly, coming from my recent Wisconsin living, I think they're wimps. Not that I mind a whole lot... I have access to hot chocolate and my computer to do work from here... and a really cute dog to follow me around. In my ideal world Scout would come to work with me every day. Perhaps my ideal world is a blizzard. For now, I have lots of blogging to do, so I'll cozy up here and add a few posts before my fingers get too chilly.

Here's a pic of my back yard from this morning. These birds are my new favorite guests. My feeder has been vacant for a month or two, but as soon as the snow appeared I got these little guys. According to Wikipedia, they're Dark-eyed Juncos. They're really busy and fat and definitely welcome here.

I thought I'd also add some Christmas pics. Our tree went up about a week ago. I figured we'd maximize our time with it. You can see the snow that was blowing all around our deck window today. The new tree decoration for this year is the owl. We actually saw him in October and I talked myself out of taking him home, but he haunted me until we went back for him when we got our tree (isn't that sad? I thought about this owl for weeks). The rats below are quickly becoming one of my favorite decorations. I picked them up on clearance last January at a place called Pizazz in Cedarburg, WI. The whole concept of having Christmas rats is just funny to me, so I couldn't help it. Their names, as noted on their tags, are Granny and Thadeus. They have hand-painted faces and really ornate clothes, from the knitting to the slippers. I just love them.

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