Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marry a good cook.

It's good advice. I'm not completely incapable in the kitchen, but it has definitely worked out to my advantage that Brad is a really great cook. I think that the biggest difference between our two cooking "styles" is patience. Translation: I don't have any when I cook. I generally don't start making something until I'm actually hungry, which usually means that I want to do something quick and easy. I recognize that handmade spaghetti sauce is much superior, but I don't find any shame in going for the jar of Prego, etc.

Brad, however, likes to embark on the occasional cooking project and go all out. I love it. Last week was the final Saturday for the Omaha Farmer's Market, so we ventured out into the snow for some vegetables. We ended up bringing home parsnips, which neither of us have ever really cooked with, so Brad researched and found a recipe to try. In the end he opted for a pretty labor intensive ravioli. The noodles were made from scratch and stuffed with a parsnip paste and complimented with a mushroom sauce. He did all of the work while I "helped." Mostly I just danced around the kitchen chattering and drinking wine and occasionally stirring something in a purposeful manner.

Here are some shots I took during the process. Tell me the sauce doesn't make you hungry.

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