Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been a few days since my last post and we have been busy! This weekend we took a trip back home to Illinois for a wedding. The lovely bride was a friend and neighbor growing up, so it was nice to be able to make a visit and spend the day, even if our trip was short. I have to say, her reception hall was one of the most beautifully decorated rooms that I've seen. They had a white, billowy drop ceiling with fantastic lighting. With the candles, flowers, and her sharp black and white linens, the atmosphere was really classy. I wish I had brought our camera so that I could share a picture! All-in-all, everything was really nice and we were happy to share in the festivities!

Now that I'm back in Omaha, I'm finally adding some prints to my shop that I worked on over the last week. There are a few new adventures for Ollie, including a wedding-themed print and a trip to the moon. I also have created some owly-relatives for him, including these "Bookends." Hope you like them.

It hardly seems possible that we're reaching the end of September, but it's true. The tree out in front of our townhouse is shedding perfect little acorns, so I think that tomorrow I'm going to make a bowl of them. I always feel inspired by the outdoors at this time of year and I can never resist pocketing little things when we walk. As the weeks go by, I'm sure I'll drive Brad crazy with my piles of leaves and treasures, although I think he likes having something to do when we're walking Scout. Last week we took a trip to the zoo and even then we were collecting. The thousands of peacocks that populate the place are shedding some of their beautiful feathers, so we kept our eyes peeled for a few with pretty markings. I was able to bring four nice ones home without smashing them entirely in my bag, so they're sitting in a mason jar on our side table. After my acorn collection tomorrow I'll try to take a few pictures of everything.

With Halloween nearing, I suppose it's time to get out the few decorations I have as well. My grandmom made me these really cool "wicked witch of the west" legs that stick out from under the chair and some matching arms that sit on the bookshelf, so I can't wait to put them on display. One of my college roomies will be coming for a visit, so I'll have to get them out in time to surprise her little kids. I wonder what they'll think of a chair with legs... ha!

In the mood for Halloween, I also decided that it was time to add a related design to my shop. The peeps are on parade in their cute new costumes. I posted the print tonight and will be adding a card set tomorrow. I hope you like them!

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