Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday I shared my inclination to collect things, so today I thought I'd show you a few pictures. As much as I try to be that Thoreau-bound person and live simply, I can't help but to love things. Little things to be precise. Small treasures.

I reconcile my need for objects by reminding myself that the things I like are simple in nature. They're not elaborate or expensive - just small and interesting or cheerful or cute. For instance, I possess a strangely high number of rocks, sticks, and shells, all of which I love. I also have lots of dishes, jars, and cups that are entirely unrelated to our dishware, but they're necessary to me. Occassionally one of these things is even practical. Mostly, I just love them.

To start, I mentioned some peacock feathers that Brad and I picked up at the zoo last week. I added them to a mason jar that already held lots of bits of things - dried acorns, rose petals, slate, coral, etc. It sits on a table in our living room and makes me happy.

This part of my personality makes Etsy a pretty tricky place to visit on a daily basis because there's so much to fall in love with there. In the past I haven't bought too many things for myself, mostly gifts, but a few people have taken notice of my favorites list (in particular Brad's mom - thanks, Terri!), and given me some wonderful presents. Now that they have found happy places around our house, I'd like to share them with you and show off some amazing artists. Over the next few days I'll do some posts about things I've 'collected,' from Etsy and otherwise. Tomorrow I'll post pics of the aforementioned Halloween decorations - I did actually get them out today.

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