Friday, December 5, 2008

A happy Blogger reunion...

Hey, everyone! It certainly doesn't seem like it's been since SEPTEMBER since I posted, but clearly it has. My apologies! School is in full swing for me, so I just haven't had as much time to focus on promoting and updating as I would like. Now that we're beginning this Wisconsin winter, I am bound to be at the computer a little more often, blankets piled high and hot chocolate steaming.

So, let me update you on my shop first. I haven't been painting as often as the summer allows, but I've been working through some new ideas and doing quite a bit of sketching. I'm really excited to spend some of this weekend with my watercolors, helping a few of my thousands of ideas reach fruition. Recently I did spend a few days on some mini-canvases. I'm so pleased with them! I keep moving them around the house and testing them on different bookshelves. I just love the idea that they're small enough to place wherever I'd like (and change my mind often). They are a different style for me, breaking away from my waves and curls. Here are a few images:

Here's my pinecone painting, one of the four minis that I posted in my etsy shop. I did a little purple owl, a sprig of mushrooms, and a shell because Brad happened to be reading a vintage biology workbook at the time (yes, I know that sounds strange, but it's one we salvaged from the library book sale at some point and it's filled with cool illustrations of sea and plantlife, AND I had been sorting through some book-boxes from the garage). I was really trying to spotlight one image, so I painted the canvases bright white and set the edges in colors that seemed to frame the objects. The pinecones are my favorite.

I also finally took the time to photograph a few cardsets that I sold in the summer, but never offered on etsy. Alfred and Benny are now available!

My plan for the rest of tonight is to decorate the Christmas tree, without knocking it over :-). It's not that big, so I could probably catch it, but I'd rather not have that dance. I love everything about decorating for Christmas, as well as a good majority of the music that comes with it, so I'm pretty excited about the chance to spend time making everything pretty. I'll post a few pics when I'm done.

... sleighbells ring...

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Christie said...

pretty pinecones, lady! I love your captured dust series too :)