Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. We are still wrapping up ours with the last Christmas this weekend, and feeling grateful for all of the visiting and overabundance of food and love. Now we're busy cleaning house and making room for that crisp, organized, new year feeling. 

I have done some reviewing of Stubborn Dog over the past week, and I was pleasantly surprised to realize how much art I made in 2015. I intentionally stayed away from shows and spent less time on the business side of things for the year to destress a bit, but somehow I managed to do a lot of making, and I feel really good about that. Last summer I did a painting challenge with my 30 paintings in 30 days, which was not a complete success if I look at how many makeups I had to do, but a TOTAL success if I look at the amount of work I completed and the ideas that were generated. I also learned a lot about social media and I'm getting much better at Instagram and my Facebook page. If that's something you do, I'm fairly attentive to those things - especially Instagram - so it's a good place to see progress shots of artwork and pics of Mister Ren. In other news: I sewed. Woot! I have made three projects so far: the dinosaur costume for Halloween, a hat that took me like 2 weeks (JERSEY. seriously.), and some ski boot warmers for my brother. The struggle was real, but I am excited to keep learning. Creatively, I ended on a high point, feeling very rejuvenated about painting and other things, and busting at the seams with ideas. 

So. It's 2016! I am going to spare you the detailed goals and twenty lists that I've made, and instead just let you know that I'm feeling really good. Like James Brown good. This year is about spending time with my family, getting outside into nature, and being aware of all of the small, daily things that bring me contentment. Doing these three things will make for REALLY GOOD ART. I hope you'll hang out and share this process with me!

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