Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day Updates

Just popping in for a quick update. Up top are a few new paintings I've been working on. They're on wood blocks that I stained with watercolor and then painted with acrylic. I'm loving the way the wash looks. The last is an updated elephant card design. I'm hoping to do a shop update on Sunday with these, new magnets, and more card designs, so I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we have gotten buckets of snow, and while I'm hiding inside I have been busy prepping for a small show tomorrow. If any of you are in the Omaha area and have little people participating in the American Girl Show, I'm going to be at the rehearsal day on Saturday selling my wares. Stop by to visit!

In other news, if you follow my facebook you have probably noticed my regular spats with my printer. I have an Epson Photo 1400 and we have a tumultuous relationship. She (yes - she) prints the most beautiful quality, but occasionally gives me fits with paper feed issues. These moments are unpredictable and seem to have no real reason, SO - I've decided she's a diva. And she needs a diva name so I can address her properly when I'm frustrated. So - now's your chance to suggest diva names. I think I'll put up a poll once I have a good list and take votes. Sound good? And yes, this is worth the time. Ha. Names. GO.

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