Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Chalet.

A few days ago I ran out to the antique mall just to get out of the house. I certainly wasn't looking for these little ski cottages, but the minute I saw the first one I knew I would be taking it home. It came from one of those booths that's just jam-packed with stuff, so I almost didn't see the other one. Their details drew me in, and then I discovered that each one is a working music box. For less than $10 each, I'm so happy to have found them!

I picked up a few more blue Ball jars too, which I can never seem to resist at a few dollars each. I refuse to pay over $3 for a jar though, or over $5 for a snap one with a complete lid. It seems crazy to me that some people charge $15 for a former canning jar, no matter how lovely the color, when they were so common and there are at least 100 of them for sale throughout the antique mall at any given time.

It just so happened that as I walked in the front door with my bag of finds from the thrift store Brad was watching "Hoarders." I AM NOT A HOARDER, but it was funny. I love the fun of arranging and displaying things too much to be a real hoarder, but I'll admit to being a bit of a "collector" (I know.. that's exactly what they say on the show. I'll keep posting pics of my house on the blog so you know it's not scary). I will say though, I can't stop myself from cleaning after watching it, and I've talked to other people who have the same reaction. Do you? Ha. 

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Isobel Morrell said...

Luck favours the brave - well done for finding and grabbing such lovely items (the music boxes): not quite so sure about the jars though, although I too hate spending more than one has to!

All the best: Isobel: