Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals for 2013

Now that we've reached 2013, like most of you, I have some goals - especially where painting and my art shops are concerned. Last week I started a list with all of the things I hope to accomplish this year, as well as those things that I just need to hold myself to more honestly. A lot of these would be pretty boring to you because they're very business-oriented (blah, blah), BUT there are a number of items that I plan to make happen this year that I do want to share, because I think you'll like them too! 
  • Increase my blog presence. That means more blogging, more often. 
  • Give back more to my readers and supporters in the way of give-aways and freebies, whether on this blog or on others. I hope to offer up at least one item each month, so stay tuned for that.
  • Finish the new note card designs I have been working on.
  • Create at least 3 new things per week... and show you more of the process.
  • Share more great books and great music. 
  • Share more links and peeks at some of the wonderful crafters and artists that I meet/discover with you, so you can enjoy them too! 
I hope you'll visit often as I head into this whole-heartedly! To get started, I want to share links for some music that I love tremendously right now. They're not that secret, but if you haven't heard these albums yet, they're tops for me right now.

The Shins - Port of Morrow  Okay, please visit this link even if you have this one because the graphic is super entertaining. You actually click 'play' to make it work! (I know... easily entertained). I really like this entire album.

Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts  I think the sound of this is pretty different for her and I have found myself listening to it over and over. "Say Goodbye" is my favorite track. Enjoy!


Casey said...

These are great goals! Similar to my own in fact! Love your blog ;)

holly via said...

Great goals for the new year. I'm hoping to get more involved on my blog too. Can't wait to see what's to come!

aimymichelle said...

i am wanting to do more blogging too.

i'm a new follower.