Monday, September 3, 2012

Bring on September

Well, it's officially Fall, though you wouldn't know it with the 95+ degree weather around here. Regardless, I'm excited for September. Fall is my favorite season for a million reasons - the cooler temperature being one of them - and I'm ready to throw on a scarf and stroll around the world with a hot chocolate in hand (not that summer keeps me from HC). We're plotting an October trip to Colorado, a place I've never been but feel like I'll really like, and I am just ready to hike all morning and check out little shops in the afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice if that happened every day?  For now, we're trying to get the last out of our tomato plants and looking forward to lots of evenings outdoors by the fire pit.

Today it's a little rainy here, which is perfect for getting things done. I am listening to Norah Jones, which fits just right. She's one that I come back to every once in a while and love every time. I think when she first came onto the scene the radio tried to ruin her for me (similar to Adele lately), but I took a big long break, and now I'm loving her all over again.

I also changed my desktop today, courtesy of the always inspiring Geninne (*see August 30th). September might be one of my favorites that she's done so far.


Angela said...

i love to listen to music i've taken a break from awhile and realize what i've been missing!

and, i feel that way about a lot of places i'd like to travel - never been there but know i'll love it.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

The photo of the tomatoes is so artful -- great lighting and composition. I love fall, too. I just wish the cooler temps would arrive!

Jamie said...

When and where are you going for CO trip? Mark and might be going there in Oct. too! Though we haven't decided where we are going..we're taking a long weekend without kids and we are always drawn to Estes Park! So despite that being where we went last year on a long is in the possibilities again!