Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is Halloween - -

I know that I'm a good week behind, but I did want to make a Halloween post! This year was the first year we've been in a house that actually had some trick-or-treating visitors, so I'm proud to say that we were excellent dispensers of candy and costume compliments last Monday. After slacking to get my little pile of decorations out, I finally set things up on our porch to at least provide some atmosphere for the night. A few night pics:

I put candles on all of the window ledges, hung my old classroom raven (or Pottery Barn crow) from the ceiling, and made a little display table for my lone witch and a slew of cards we've received from my mom and her friend Kim over the past few years. A piece of advice: when lacking in Halloween decor just use lots of candles. Def. gives the eerie vibe.

My Grandmom made the fun witch feet and hands. I shared better pics a long time ago here.

Hope you all had a fun holiday! On to Thanksgiving preparations for us. We officially reserved our turkey yesterday. :-)

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Sandy said...

Ha!Ha! My granddaughters will love your witch display! I'll share this with them.