Friday, September 16, 2011

More little houses.


Hello! Hope you're having a marvelous start to the weekend. It's really chilly here today, but in a nice sort of way, I think. Scout has been laying on our back driveway all afternoon in perfect contentedness... Looking out the back window, she actually looks like she might be dead, but it has been confirmed that she's just in a state of cold, sleepy bliss. Brad's off from work, so he's downstairs brewing away, which is nice because it heats up the house a little. I just got back from the post office - only to find that I'd left a note out of one of the packages - harumph - I'll be slipping that in the mail tomorrow! Now I'm happily sitting here with some hot chocolate, checking the web-things before I do a little pottering with the projects. Nice, right? I wanted to share a few pics of some little house magnets that I hope to add to the shop soon. These are acrylic and ink on wood, instead of mini canvases. They've been in the holding cell for a little while because I wasn't happy with the pics I took of them, so as soon as I get a set that I think shows them off, I'll get them in there!

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Lasso the Moon said...

These are really sweet. Love the colors.