Saturday, May 21, 2011

Financial Planning

Yep. No art talk today. Today is really a day of packing, but I found a helpful site this morning that I thought I'd share. I'm no financial maven, but somehow I've become the financial person in our household, so I am constantly learning. I've become sort of obsessive about paying off our debt... spread sheets make me feel powerful, seriously. Anyway, this morning I was reading up on whether it's better for our credit score to cancel a credit card once we've paid the balance off or just to sit on it with no balance. I found this blog, which I think does a really nice job explaining different things for people like me: totally not mathematical in nature, but somehow in charge of the money. Ha. Hope it's useful!

That being said - here's a super adorable piggy bank from chalkoholics to get you in the saving mood! Check out their shop for lots of other fun chalkboard items:

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