Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Friday Finds :-)

Top to bottom:
1. Adorable hat from my friend Amanda's new shop, Amanda Jayne Style! She's having an opening sale!
2. I love so very many bags by infusion...
3. Bright and wonderful butterfly painting from Blue Trike Studio
4. Beautiful chickadee from Rocky Top Studio, also running a sale at the moment
5. Linens from cinnamongirlprints - I made a Christmas order from her in December and I was so pleased with the little notebooks and napkins (will share photos of my own soon). I'm sure I'll be back to her shop. :-)

Happiest of weekends, all!


Happybee said...

I love them all!!!
but my fav is the little bird...soooo cute!!!

abby said...

Great picks (thank you!)
Happy weekend to you.

Divine In Mind said...

Hi, thanks for following. Love your blog and items. So cute.