Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thriftstore Finds!

Well, I fulfilled the thrifting bug that I've had since the holidays! I spent the morning at the Armadillo Antique Mall in Omaha, where I scored all of the below items for less than thirty dollars. Yay! Usually when I go I might land on one or two things that I like (because I am both realllly cheap and extremely picky), but I managed to find a whole box of items today!

For the last few months I've been admiring milk glass online, so that was sort of in the forefront of my mind today. It's actually sort of tricky to find milk glass that doesn't have grape patterns on it. Apparently that was the rage at some point, but luckily for me I found a few sans fruit. 


One of the middle ones was $1 - and all were less than $4 each. I'm going to use two of them as planters, so I have to think about which succulents to re-pot. (The little bird is not from today, but was found on a clearance table at Anthropologie last week and I'm pretty excited about him.)

Some more from today:

 A little McCoy planter.
This is my favorite color of Pyrex and I've been watching for a good deal on a snowflake one for a while. This pattern and the hot air balloons are my favorites.

I always look for old tins to keep my tea packets in. The cards are vintage cocktail party invitations. Someday I'm going to have this party! 

So, all of that was from this morning and I can't wait to put everything to use! I have a few other items that I've been meaning to share below. This little squirrel was acquired on our trip to Kansas City this fall. Oddly, I found him in a tourist store that sold hats and t-shirts. They had one random shelf of vintage and there he was for $2. I can never resist little "guys."

Stage right: another "guy" that I picked up at an antique store in the QCs over Christmas. We were hunting for something for my aunt and they had a whole tree of these handmade elves. I couldn't resist getting one for our Christmas tree. He has glittery toes.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week!

P.S. I'm still re-working the blog, but I'll let you know when I have everything squared away.


Jan said...

You have a good eye, and a lovely sense of presentation. You scored big time!

Christie said...

very cool! Wish we could go thrifting together. I also love the blue Ball jars- are those vintage?

Divine In Mind said...

Love the milk glass. It has such a terrific nostalgic feel to it. Love the collection together, very fresh and calming.

Ashley M. said...

Just found your blog by searching for Omaha!

I'm so jealous of your thrifting finds. I'm actually using milk glass in my upcoming wedding! Where do you usually go? I haven't found good finds like that in Omaha yet.

Stubborn Dog Artwork said...

Hi Ashley - So glad you found me! I usually go to the Armadillo Antique mall out on 80. It takes FOREVER to get through it, but that's half the fun. There are usually a lot of sellers carrying milk glass - it just depends on the price you're looking for! Good luck planning your wedding. :-)