Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm here. I promise.

So... it has been JUST a few days since I last posted... That's what happens when school starts! Life becomes a whirlwind for a while and then I start to settle into a workable pattern. I'm reaching the routine at this point, which means I am able to slot in time for painting and the shop again. Much going on in my head. Much to paint.
A few items to expect in the coming days...
1. More moth works finally photographed and added to the shop.
2. News about an upcoming giveaway on a lovely, lovely blog.
3. New e-cards available on pingg!
4. New photos of our apartment. We got the best shelf from IKEA. The albums are out of the basement! Yay!
In the meantime, here are a few things I've been admiring as of late. The shops are listed below. 

1. mason jar critter art from kudulah
2.  animal notebooks from darlingclementine
3. new prints from one of my favorite etsians to admire, gretchenmist
4. lots of lovely, nostalgic cards from wickedpen


Jan said...

I like what you've been working on ... you've got a keen eye and you're clever ... I've decided to follow you, if you'll have me.


Stubborn Dog Artwork said...

Aw, thanks! Happy to have you. :-)