Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning

Hello again! I know that I've been a little more quiet lately than I was in the start of July, but we've been a little busier and I've been a little less crafty. 
We just had a great visit from Brad's parents and cousin, Nick. They rolled in on Friday and we went to Inception and out for some pizza. Despite major and very comical confusion from some of our party, I thought that it was pretty good. Comparing, I'm a much bigger fan of The Departed, but this was an interesting concept and had my attention the whole time. On Saturday Brad and Bill were able to get some morning golf in and then we headed to the zoo for the afternoon. Oh yes - and they brought Bandit with, so Scout spent two days wrestling with her boyfriend (and learning that she can play and NOT bark the whole time...sigh).
All in all it was a good visit. 
Now I'm in laundry mode and focusing on getting a few things done that I've been putting off. My shop sale is wrapping up - TWO DAYS LEFT! I hope you'll stop by for a great print deal. I'll be back soon to share pics of two wreaths that my mom made for me. I love them!

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