Saturday, April 24, 2010

Squid Arms

I'm finally posting pics of this really big squid arm painting I did about a month ago. It's 28x22, bright, and a little crazy, so I love it. I'd done a little one before for my shop, so I was ready to go larger. The colors are really vibrant and it's on a canvas with deep sides, which I painted black. I was thinking of comic book art when I did it, so I wanted the orange to just jump out with the dark rings around it. I'm having so much fun making these crazy things, so there are definitely more squid/sea-creatureish things in my future. Have a look:

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Tamala said...

Very nice! I liked the detail you included about your choices (black sides on the canvas; black outlining on the orange circles) because B has been really into noticed the little pieces put together to make a large piece of art, etc. (And she and I browse Stubborn Dog together. She's quite happy that Scout's B is featured in a picture. :) )