Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, it has been a few weeks since I've posted, but they've been busy enough to keep me from extra time. I thought I'd pop back on today and show you some pictures from our hike yesterday. We went out to Platte River State Park, which I've posted pics from before, and we decided to try a new route, which ended up being significantly longer. Brad manned the camera and had some nice results. The one above is a view from a hill in the park that overlooks surrounding farms.

Me and Scout checking out the river.

This little guy was affixed to a seed pod.

I was so excited to see Dutchman's Britches! I picked these with my grandmom in Illiniwek when I was little and haven't seen them in any other woods since then.

We're so glad to have a good park next to us, but it's really strange because it's almost always completely empty. There are dirt-bikers that sometimes cross our path, but otherwise we've never seen another hiker. Despite that, the campground cabins are always full? We can't figure it out, but it's sort of nice to have a private hiking preserve...

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