Saturday, March 20, 2010

So very busy!

I have been updating unusually often lately, which has been really great. Today we went to the zoo for a few hours to check out the new baby tapir (so cute and spotted), but since we've been back I've been rotating between drawing, painting, and adding to my etsy. I had so many new things from the last few weeks to upload that I used those as breaks today. There are a few new prints and some originals in frames that haven't been posted before. Enjoy!

Oh yes - you also many notice that I've been uploading to my music widget (down to your right). I've figured out that although Pandora is blocked while I'm at school, this isn't. You'll find that I'm using it as my personal play list. Tricky, I know. Feel free to use it if your work blocks things indiscriminately. Lots of Brandi Carlile recently. We went to her show in January and it was fantastic. Anyway - happy Saturday!

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