Monday, March 15, 2010

After a long weekend...

This was a productive weekend for painting. I spent the majority of it keeled over the table with watercolors, which is pretty satisfying (and sometimes backbreaking). I added some things to the shops already and have more to get photographed and added soon. Woot!

We also went to see "Crazy Heart" at the Dundee Cinema - a pretty, old, local one. The movie was great and the cinema was pretty fun too. They have a dramatic, red curtain that draws back to show the film and some neat lighting features. We had some favorite dialogue lines from the movie too. At one point Maggie Gyllenhall's character blushes and says "my capillaries are close to the surface" as her excuse. As a blush queen myself, I loved that. Overall - we highly recommend seeing it.

Preview: These new cacti will be available soon!

These oh-so-hot radishes are already for sale at Stubborn Dog After Dark. Enjoy!

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