Sunday, January 3, 2010

thinking warm thoughts.

Christmas is gone and the decorations are officially tucked away. We've been pretty ready for the fresh start of 2010 around here - and it comes complete with lots of winter snow. The pic below is looking out of our back porch. It looks like we're snowed in, but there's actually a path crafted through that mess in the shape of our sidewalk.

With a few long weekends lately, I've been busy with lots of projects. Mostly they've involved cleaning and organizing, but a little bit of painting poked through. I've also been photographing some framed peep originals to add to my etsy shop. Works in progress below:

Below: Some Christmas treats I received this year - vintage Heath salad plates from Brad and new reads from Terri and Amy. The hedgehog was a purchase from a year ago (from Marjji on etsy) and makes an excellent book holder. I will post photos of some of my other gifts soon. Thank you, family!

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Michelle said...

That's one thing the snow is good for...getting things done inside. I know because my yard looks like yours. Thanks for posting the vendor apron on your blog. I need to make more of that posey print. I need to get to work!