Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding down.

Hello! I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I spent mine in Rock Island for a few days, and then back here with Brad for a mini-Christmas. It was slightly postponed because of the blizzard that barred my way on Friday, but I arrived here safely yesterday and we had a good time making a fancy meal and opening presents last night.

With the new year approaching, I wanted to show off an etsy seller that I've been meaning to mention for a while. Way back in October, I bought this terrific craft apron from Michelle at Yoopers on etsy. I love, love it! When I decided that I needed an apron, I was looking for something with a lot of pockets, and with a zipper so that I could keep any checks and bills safely stowed during the show. I just remember feeling like a crazy person as I tried to keep track of change and keep an eye on my cash box at summer shows. This apron was an especially cute fix! It's really well made, with really deep pockets, a clip for your keys, and a nice long tie that you can wrap around front for easy adjustment. Definitely stop by and visit her store if you're a crafter, or if you're just an apron lover. These come in a variety of fabrics and would also be great to hold your tools while you work.

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Tamala said...

Cute fabric!