Sunday, November 1, 2009

The sun is out and there is art on the walls.

That makes two days in a row! And it also means that I can take pictures with real, natural light! In my list of sharing-handmade-things-that-we-own-and-love, here's another artist to check out. With the move we finally had the chance to reassess the walls and the things we put on them. Brad picked out this set of field study prints by Matt Cipov about two years ago, when we were still roaming Milwaukee. They came from the Paper Boat Boutique, which isn't open anymore, but it was terrific, and we were so glad to find such neat, affordable art there! Since then, I have discovered that Matt is a fellow etsian, so I check out his shop frequently. I love his illustration style and the nifty design presentation that makes his work unique.


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