Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvest Bragging

Okay, so you know that you're strange when you actually stop mid-food-preparation to take a picture. That's what I just did. I was making salsa and I stopped to go get my camera. Ha.

Brad and I have been growing a little plot of tomatoes all summer and this week we finally harvested our first group of any real size. Most of our tomatoes this year have been between golfball and baseball size, but these guys are like big softballs. And they're pretty. The variety is called Mr. Stripey and think their color is amazing. The flavor is really light and watery, which makes them perfect with peppers and cilantro in some salsa. I'm so proud of them that I have to share.

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PonderandStitch said...

Ha! How funny that we both stopped during tomato preparation to take a photo! lol...

(I bet your salsa was fabulous!)