Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heading North

As I head off to the wilderness, here's my appropriately themed shop addition of the day:

We're heading out! Well, in approximately 28 hours, but it's getting closer... and I'm becoming more anxious...

One new thing about this year's trip is that we're leaving from Omaha, so we're taking an entirely different route than I have taken absolutely every other year of my life. We do have a GPS though, so we should be okay, right? "Mandie" would never lie to me... ha. No, really, we're pretty much taking one road from Iowa to Canada, so we should be able to figure it out.

This route is a bit shorter (yay!) and we're heading straight up through the Dakotas (to which I've never been) and through Manitoba (through which I've also never been), so I'm excited to do a lot of observing and future-vacation-idea collecting on the way. That and chatting. I'm sort of a professional talker on any road trip. I'm not sure whether that makes Brad blessed or cursed, but it does mean that he's guaranteed to stay awake. If all else fails I can force some Dixie Chicks on him. Mwah haha.

Alright - it's time to be productive. I'm making myself say goodnight to the computer so that I can pack up my paints, pens, and paper. Without fail, the cabin is an awesome place for reading and art-ing, so I'm hoping to come back with notebooks bursting with new sketches and ideas - and maybe even a few new paintings.

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

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