Monday, August 31, 2009


(yeah - that was nerdy... I know).

So, you probably noticed my work-in-progress of a blog banner already. Don't judge it just yet... it's unfinished. I'm in the process of giving my blog and shop minor face lifts. :-)

But, AHEM - that's not the main purpose of my entry.

I'm posting because I want to introduce my biggest change as of late: a second shop! After much deliberation, I decided that it was best to divide my Stubborn Dog etsy shop into two. I felt that my different styles were sort of drowning in each other and that it was time to give them each their own home.

Meet my new shop, Stubborn Dog After Dark!

This shop is going to house my canvases, which are mostly acrylic. Feel free to stop by and check out the new look. In the meantime, my other shop will still contain my illustrations (both originals and prints), cards, and tags.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

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