Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's start with a...


Happy New Year!

I've decided to start this January with a sale in my etsy shop, now through January 15th!
There are discounts on some fun acrylic paintings and I'm offering free shipping on watercolor prints.
Stop by and check it out!

Meanwhile, back to Christmas break...
I hope you had a great holiday. We spent 4 days in Illinois before heading back up here. Now Brad and I have vowed to start the new year with a HUGE cleaning spree (scary, I know). We have been recycling and Goodwilling like crazy. It's sort of amazing to think that our remaining belongings might actually fit in our house! Hope you've been just as productive with your holiday time.

Best wishes!

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Jamie said...

I still want the letter "M" in Scout's ABCs! :-) I think it would be cute to get my nieces one with the letters for their names but I can't just get one!