Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

After some minor setbacks, the decorations are up, and I have to say that I'm feeling pretty good about everything. I ended up working on it this morning, after my late-night realization that I had no lights for the tree! Thinking back, I vaguely remember taking our lights to Goodwill last January, with the intention of getting new ones with green cords this year (I had some with white strands, which obviously looked awful on the tree). Hopefully someone else is using them happily for their outside decor. So, after some new lights and a lot of unwrapping, the halls are dec'd.

For a couple that has only been married for 2.5 years, we have collected more decor than most families. I definitely got the Christmas bug from my parents, whose house resembles the North Pole every December. They've not only given me the itch to find unique decorations of my own, but my mom has given me some neat things that she's found over the past few years as they roamed the Midwest for my brother's swim meets. I also have ornaments from my grandma and great-grandma, as well as my aunts, and even a few that my college roomies and I made one year.

It's funny how refreshing it is to take certain things out of their boxes. I always forget about a few different ornaments and it's like a surprise to see them again. I love thinking about who and where everything came from! One of my favorite little decorations is this moose guy, which Brad and I bought at the Christmas Tree Farm, our first year in Wisconsin. I still just love him. We're both always drawn to animal-anything, which is funny because the few ornaments on our tree that we actually purchased are a squirrel, a polar bear, and an owl (appropriate for 2008!). It's no surprise that my illustrations are often animals. :-)

Now that the house is spirited, it's time to work on some art! Off to sketch and paint (and grade papers) for the rest of the weekend. Happy decorating and shopping!

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