Friday, September 12, 2008

Back from Beaux Arts!

Well, we're back from the Quad Cities. Last weekend was wonderful, which was proven by my absolute exhaustion on Monday! Thanks to all of my family, friends and 26th avenue neighbors that came out to visit - and thanks to those who took home some art! I didn't imagine I'd get so many familiar visitors, so I feel very loved. :-) I'm glad that we could come home for a festival. Beaux Arts was really nice on the new Figge Art Museum plaza, too. The aisles were wide and the space behind the tent to relax and wrap things was such a nice luxury. Despite threats of rain, we also got beautiful weather, which made things even better.

Another exciting aspect of the fest was my new tent set-up, courtesy of husband and handyman, Brad. Here are a few pics. Check out the AWESOME walls. It looks so much more professional and can showcase five times the pieces that the lattice allowed. I couldn't help admiring the new look the whole weekend. He's the best!

Check out the sign... we're getting fancy!

Yes, the obligatory nerd pose that forces passerby to wait until the picture has been taken to go forward... we needed at least one. Ha. You can see my swirling card stand, too - one of my mom's never-ending bargain finds.

So... thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came to support me and helped make this so much fun! A special thanks to my great set-up and tear-down help - Dad, Mom, Brad, Grandmom, and Aunt Jill :-)

Onward to the Cedarburg Wine Fest on the 20th!

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