Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Check out Recyled Ideas!

Hey guys,
Recently I had the chance to work with another etsy seller, so I wanted to use this blog to share her shop and show you what she has done with a painting I made for her. So, meet Recycled Ideas!

This etsy seller has a passion for the environment that shows up in all of her work. She makes an array of recycled products, including recycled papers and greeting cards. She also does amazing paintings, felt renderings, and pastel works of monkeys, her passion. All of her products are very eco-friendly, using as many recycled parts as possible - and she gives annually to charitable foundations for the protection of primates, directly from her shop proceeds! She's a member of the Eco-etsy street team, which proudly creates green art and crafts, as well as the Etsy for Animals team, which works to promote and support animal rights causes.

Shown here are her plant-able lavender sheets and Olive, an adorable non-sock, sock monkey!

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with recycledideas to create an image for some of her seed cards. These cards are fantastic! They are beautiful cards on recycled paper, made for any occasion, but the best part is that you can plant them! She incorporates actual seeds into the cards, so when you give them, you're not only giving someone a lovely handwritten note; you're also giving them a great plant for their garden.

Here are her cards made with the lunaria plant (also known as the money plant). All of her cards are handmade, and these lunaria ones feature my watercolor and ink painting.

You can even see exactly how they sprout!

Recycledideas has a great etsy shop, definitely worth checking out. It contains a wide variety of eco-friendly items, all handmade, and all priced very modestly. With any purchase, you know that you're supporting the handmade market and a very conscientious and earth-friendly artist! She was a pleasure to work with.

Check out her shop here:

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